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Buy Liquidation Pallets For Sale

On Merchant’s global B2B marketplace you can find liquidation stock, surplus clothing, clothing pallets, wholesale makeup lots, liquidation designer clothing, liquidation pallets, even Macy’s wholesale pallets for sale from surplus liquidators and department store liquidations. Join our global B2B marketplace and find wholesale surplus resale lots, bulk pallets for sale from suppliers in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, China and from other countries of the world.

As a wholesale surplus buyer you will be able to buy wholesale pallets cheap and pay for the entire order and shipping costs online.

To purchase overstock wholesale lots, login or register as a wholesale buyer.

Are you looking for liquidation pallets for sale in other B2B categories? Our wholesale online marketplace also offers wholesale pallet lots in other product categories as well, such as designer wholesale lots and overstock pallets of wholesale makeup lots.

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Take full advantage of all the benefits offered by the Merchant Showroom online wholesale surplus clothing platform for fashion distributors and surplus product buyers. We recommend you to bookmark this website and return here on a regular basis. New wholesale makeup lots and  wholesale closeout pallets are added every day. Join the exciting online community of resale lot distributors and surplus liquidators!

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If you are an agent, clothing manufacturer, wholesale clothing distributor or apparel supplier and would like to sell wholesale on our wholesale marketplace, register for a vendor account.

By selling your apparel on, you will be able to reach buyers from all over the world. Buyers will be able to find your wholesale catalog and place wholesale orders online. You can also sell your wholesale apparel as an OEM or private label supplier. Whether you want to sell locally, regionally or globally, can help you do just that.

If you have any questions about the marketplace, contact us or refer to our vendor helpdesk.

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Merchant Showroom Managed Wholesale Stores

If you are a surplus clothing supplier or selling clothing pallets in the USA, UK, Europe or any other parts of the world and would be more interested in Merchant Showroom selling your wholesale pallet lots on the B2B marketplace, that is also an available option for qualified clothing liquidators and other wholesale liquidators.

If your company would prefer Merchant Showroom to manage your surplus store, please read more info here.

Our Vision

The vision of the B2B marketplace is not only to facilitate the global wholesale trade of wholesale clearance pallets but to assist small to mid size surplus liquidators to reach new overstock pallets buyers worldwide and increase profits. Merchant Showroom soon will become one of the main department store liquidations marketing channel. The marketplace’s vision is to make it possible for small wholesale liquidators to enter the global marketplace without a large initial investment and assist them in their growth.