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Are you looking for quality wholesale home decor and wholesale gifts? Merchant Showroom offers a large selection of wholesale home decoration from suppliers and gift manufacturers worldwide.

On our B2B marketplace you will find unique wholesale decor from wholesale interiors designers, trading companies, exporters and from the manufacturers themselves.

You can purchase giftware wholesale, also, handicrafts, wholesale home decor, wholesale vases, farmhouse decor wholesale, primitive decor, rugs, country decor, vintage decor, unique gifts, wall decor, accent decor, religious gifts, rustic decor and other decorative items,  on our B2B marketplace and pay for the products online. If you are looking for OEM or Private Label, you will find those as well. Register now to have access to the vast selection of unique gift wholesale suppliers and to purchase these products online.

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Wholesale Gifts

Gift items sell well in most online or brick-and-mortar retail stores. The Merchantshowroom.com marketplace allows you to find unique products for your store. Buy in smaller quantities or get these gift products directly from manufacturers at large quantity discounts to increase your profits.

wholesale home decor

Become a Vendor and Sell Wholesale

Register for a wholesale vendor account if you are a home decor manufacturer, gift distributor or home decoration supplier and would like to sell wholesale on our B2B marketplace.

By selling your gifts and home decor on Merchant Showroom, you’ll be able to sell wholesale home decor for retailers and buyers worldwide. Buyers can find your online wholesale catalog and place orders online. You can also sell wholesale decor as private label and OEM manufacturer. Whether you want to sell globally or locally, Merchantshowroom.com can help you with that.

wholesale home decoration

Merchant Showroom Managed Stores

Merchant Showroom offers it’s assistance and service to help manage vendor’s online wholesale e-store on the B2B marketplace. This can be useful to company owners who prefer focusing their business’ efforts on their customer support and manufacturing instead of running an online store.

If you prefer Merchant Showroom to run your store, you can find more info here.

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