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…So, you want to start your own brand? Finding white label suppliers, especially good ones, are difficult. Actually, not anymore. On you will find private label products from private label manufacturers to create your own brand. Finding these suppliers are easy on the B2B marketplace, and buying from these companies are even easier.

On the wholesale marketplace, you will find private label products from the following suppliers:

  • Italian private label manufacturers and distributors
  • USA made private label products
  • Indian white label products
  • Private label cosmetics
  • Private label cosmetics
  • Private label socks
  • Private label bags

…and many other products from many other countries in several wholesale product categories.

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Are You a Wholesale Supplier?

Wholesale distributors and manufacturers, reach wholesale buyers worldwide by selling on the global B2B marketplace. Custom manufacturing and selling private label is not required.

Difference Between Private Label and White Label

Private Label

You pick one of the manufacturer’s products, modify the design a bit, or change the color, tweak it a bit, then the manufacturer will put your brand name on the product, which you can now start marking under your brand. The manufacturer may need a larger order in order to do manufacturing with design changes.

White Label

You pick a product from the manufacturer’s product line, and just have them change the branding on the product, and just start marketing it under your brand. No changes or modification done to the product. This is the fastest and simplest way to go to market with your brand, and usually you do not need to order in very large quantities.

Order Size Required for Labeling Service

Some manufacturers may request a smaller order size, for example only 30 items for white label orders, others may need 100-200. It depends on the type of product, the materials, the size of the supplier, their number of employees, how many orders they usually get, they way they manufacture (by hand or by machine), etc.

Now, if you need private label manufacturing, and the supplier needs to order their materials in bulk to offer a reasonable price, they may need you to order 300-500 pieces of the same style and color. Often they set their minimum based on the size of order in USD. For example, minimum order of $10,000. Some smaller suppliers may be able to accommodate your needs with a much smaller order, for example, only $2,000.

On the marketplace, you will be able to find quality white label and private label products. The suppliers will have their requirements. For example, the supplier may say they need 500 pc minimum per design and style. Does that mean they are not open to other quantities? Not necessarily. You may message them or submit a quotation request, however, they may need to increase the price per unit if you want to order in smaller quantities.

Obviously, the price you get per item will always going to be cheaper when you order in large quantities. Sometimes it is not feasible to order such large quantities. In that case you will need to weigh your options and figure out if it’s still worth it. Usually, it still is.