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Global & Domestic Shipping

International shipping at your fingertips. Merchant Showroom will help you prepare customs forms and any other forms needed for global shipping.
This simple to use shipping platform is available for all vendors.

Customs Forms

Our pre-filled customs forms were designed to facilitate international shipping process.

Batch Labels

Print multiple labels at once to save time on shipment processing.

Paperless Process

Our process is entire paperless. No need to print commercial statements.


Create reports on your shipping costs and efficiency.

Partial Shipments

Split your orders in multiple shipments in case of back-orders or multiple warehouse shipments.


Create cargo documents daily and SCAN forms to satisfy USPS requirements.

Streamlined Shipping

Create your shipment from start to finish conveniently from one interface.
No need to log into several accounts. All shipping is integrated with your store.

Large Shipping Network

All major shipping carriers integrated into one platform for easy shipping.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Get discounted shipping rates for UPS, DHL and others.

Address Validation

Avoid failed deliveries with our integrated address validation system.

Compare Carrier Rates

Compare shipping rates for your outgoing shipments.

Shipping Customization

international shipping

Shipment Notifications

Send shipment notifications to your customers with your company’s brand and logo. Send tracking numbers to buyers to easy shipment tracking.

Packing Slips & Shipping Labels

Options to choose from several different labels and packing slips to fit your company’s needs.

Customized Tracking Pages

Customize your tracking pages with your company’s logo and image to offer your customers a branded experience.

Smart Shipping

Make shipping even faster by saving your shipping your label and shipping preferences for future shipments.

Carrier Network

Whether your company is in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, we have your back.
No matter what your location or the shipping destination is, you will find carriers that will satisfy your shipping needs.