Vendor Terms

Products that can be sold on

Not all products can be listed and sold on Vendors agree to only sell products in the categories available on the Merchant Showroom marketplace. If the category is not listed on the marketplace and seller posts a product that falls outside the marketed categories, reserves the right to delete the product that cannot be categorized in any of our current wholesale categories.

Vendor Spam

Vendors must post only appropriate products in the appropriate categories. If products are posted in categories that they do not belong to, reserves the right to remove the product. If seller is found spamming the categories with inappropriate products, the marketplace reserves the right to ban vendor from the marketplace.

Vendor Fees

Vendor Managed Stores

Vendors who prefer managing their own stores always start with a 10% commission rate. Vendors always have the option to upgrade to a lower commission rate plan. Vendors signing up during any promotional period are guaranteed to keep that promotional commission and membership fee.

Vendors who signed up during a period when no membership fees were charged, will not be charged a membership fee later.

Vendors who registered during a promotional period but did not get set up with a store during the promotional period, waive their right for the promotional rate. The membership rate that will apply to vendors are based on the date they have finished setting up their wholesale store on Managed Stores

Any vendor prefers to have Merchant Showroom to manage it’s stores, will be charged a 15% commission, plus payment processing fees (if applicable) and currency conversion fees (if applicable).

Any vendor signed up during any promotional period will keep the fees that were assigned during the promotional period.

Product Quality

Vendors are required to keep up the quality of the marketplace and ship products that are accurately represented on the photos.

Vendors agree to only ship products free of defects.

Buyers will be reviewing vendor’s product quality and service. Vendors are required to keep at least a 4 star rating. Falling below 4 star rating will put vendor on probation. If vendor falls below a 3 star rating, reserves the right to close the vendor’s store.


Vendor agrees to resolve buyer’s issues with product or delivery in a timely manner and come to a solution with buyer that satisfies buyer. If vendor is not able to come to a solution with buyer regarding a solution to the buyer’s dispute, reserves the right to step and and mediate the dispute to come to a mutually agreeable solution for both buyer and seller. If buyer and seller still cannot come to a mutual agreement, will make a decision on who is at fault and will decide on a solution to the dispute. Vendor agrees to accept final decision during the dispute process.